Bukit Tunku is a beautiful residential area full of green landscapes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This hill is named after Tunku Abdul Rahman's house located here. Formerly known as Bukit Kenny or Kenny Hills, Bukit Tunku is known as the Beverly Hills of Malaysia  (Wikipedia).

Bukit Tunku's greatest appeal is the natural asset, where many elegant bungalows nestle in its famed leafy environment. Its forest surrounds of tropical rain trees and lush vegetation represent the last remaining green lungs of the city (simedarby.com.my).

A dreamy landscape of pristine surroundings and magnificent homes, the forested slopes of Bukit Tunku evoke a feeling of refined culture and quiet solitude for its thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted properties (spsetia.com.my).

Bukit Tunku is the most prestigious neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur. The hilly terrain is the choice location for those who value peacful living near the heart of Kuala Lumpur city center. When one drives through this tranquil neighborhood, one is greeted by large bungalows and villas that are pretty much hidden behind imposing gates  (fullhouse.com.my)