I work as a freelance film director, producer, editor and colour grader based in Berlin, Germany and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Having graduated from DBS Film School in Berlin with a Film Production BA Honours Degree solidified my undying love for cinema and visual arts. Through my 4+ years of filmmaking experience, I have become highly adaptable with a strong sense for teamwork and ability to work in high-pressure environments. I love to experiment in different fields of filmmaking so my work covers a diverse range of subjects, styles and genres: music videos, short films, commercials and documentaries.

While my main focuses lie in directing, producing, editing and colour grading, I also have an eye for cinematography. I have experience with the following video cameras: Sony A7SI/II, Canon 5D/C100 and Panasonic Lumix GH5.

I possess an excellent understanding  of editing and colour correction and am fluent in using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

My film credits include the following:


David Scribbles: The Raptivist | Documentary | Producer, Editor, Colour Grading

Why Does It Feel So Right: Sofie Soe | Music Video | Production Design, Colour Grading

Echoes | Short Horror Film | Production Design, Boom Operator


Chiaroscuro | Short Film | Director, Editor, Sound Mixer

Antoine's Antenna | Short Film | Director, Editor, Sound Mixer

Adriatica Body Art | Commercial | Director, Producer, Editor

The Blind Man | Short Film | Director, Producer, Editor


Voyage Nocturne | Short Film | Cinematographer

No Ordinary School | Commercial | Director, Cinematographer, Editor

MALACHI: mal-uh-kay | Documentary | Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colour Grading


My One Thing: Cadenza | Web Series | Cinematographer, Editor

IMOTO | Short Film | Director, Producer, Editor

My name is Naima Duyser.

Director, Producer, Editor & Colour Grader.